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Forum » Test section » Test forum » Byronmcgrath made this you know this (sick bmx map dont have to click a thing)
Byronmcgrath made this you know this
bmcDate: Thursday, 2010-11-11, 12:32 PM | Message # 1
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6 1c h 1m 11 1k 18 15,d q t n 17 12 18 16,-25 cd -29 cq,-2a cq -2v cr,-29 cp -5 cp,-7t gl -7g h0,-63 qj -6k qk,-3h 101 -31 107,-30 107 -2i vj,-6b 3fs -62 3gh,-47 3fj -3v 3gc,-63 3in -3s 3ie,-13v 3jt -138 3me,-3dm 4pn -3b2 4q7,-3dn 4pm -3di 4p1,-3dj 4p0 -3d4 4n7 -390 4lr,-3b3 4q7 -3a9 4pl,-2nm 36s -2m1 3ba,-2ln 36k -2i4 3cq,-2no 36n -2lg 36n#-3gh 4kj -3at 4hm,-3du 4j5 -3cu 4ll,-3bt 4j5 -3cp 4ji,-3cp 4ji -3cf 4ks,-3ch 4ks -3ao 4kv,-3ao 4kq -3al 4jn,-3ao 4jd -3c5 4j3,-3ch 4rt -3b4 4ui,-3ck 4rt -3ae 4rh -3b7 4su,-3b7 4sr -38k 4ta -3b2 4u8,-375 4sa -38f 4sc -383 4t5,-380 4t5 -36m 4t5,-36o 4t3 -37a 4s7,-375 4s7 -367 4sk,-351 4rh -362 4s0 -356 4sf,-354 4sf -348 4s5,-34b 4s2 -37c 4op,-35d 4fp -34f 4he,-34f 4hc -346 4g4,-346 4g4 -33c 4gl,-33c 4gj -33u 4em,-333 4e5 -33h 4en,-33f 4en -32h 4g9,-32h 4g6 -31g 4fi,-31h 4fg -330 4dj,-32u 4f5 -329 4en,-33m 4i2 -32m 4jd,-32m 4jf -31m 4im,-327 4ih -31o 4jd,-32e 4kq -31g 4m1,-32p 4l3 -31m 4ka,-31v 4m1 -30q 4l9,-312 4jk -304 4kn,-30i 4k8 -308 4ji,-309 4kg -2v6 4jp,-2qe 34v -2r3 357,-2r3 354 -2r8 35e,-2rg 35h -2rg 36a,-2rd 36a -2r6 36m,-2r6 36k -2r1 36r,-2qf 36r -2ph 36u,-2qs 36r -2qd 36p,-2pm 36m -2p0 36m,-2or 36m -2o4 36m,-2nt 36m -2nb 36p -2mi 36p -2lp 36p -2la 36p,-2kr 36p -2kh 36p,-2ka 36p -2jo 36p,-2jj 36h -2j7 36a,-2j7 362 -2j4 35o,-2j4 35h -2jj 34v -2k0 352,-2k5 34v -2kr 34q,-2ku 34q -2l8 34v,-2la 34v -2lu 352,-2m3 34v -2mn 346 -2o2 344,-2o4 344 -2oh 34l,-2or 34q -2q3 349,-2nv 34q -2o2 35c,-2nv 35e -2nb 35c,-2n1 35c -2n9 34g,-2n6 34g -2nv 34l,-32m 3ba -329 386,-327 386 -31b 3at,-329 3ac -30s 3ac,-30i 38d -301 3am,-301 3a7 -2up 3a9,-2ur 3ac -2v8 3bf,-2va 3ba -2vu 3b2,-2tj 39v -2u7 3a4 -2u7 3b2,-2u5 3at -2st 3aj,-2sv 3aj -2u0 37i,-2sb 39t -2s9 3b0,-2s6 3b0 -2r6 3ar,-2r6 3am -2r6 39v,-2r6 39q -2qu 3at,-2q5 3a2 -2qp 3a7,-2qn 3a7 -2qk 3b7,-2qf 3b5 -2pa 3b2,-2p7 396 -2ot 3b2,-2p2 3a9 -2o9 3a7,-2vi 3db -32e 3dl,-32c 3dl -319 3iq,-319 3il -2u5 3id,-31j 3gf -2ua 3g2,-2te 3cp -2s1 3ib -2o4 3fj,-2o7 3fe -2t9 3cf#G -2jm 3b8 aa,G -2kk 3cq k,G -3da 4p7 u,G -3cu 4pa j,G -3ch 4pe 9,G -3ba 4pk b,G -3be 4pj i,G -3bq 4ph j,G -3c3 4pd i,G -3cf 4pk j,T -3cg 4qu,T -3ct 4qo,T -3de 4qj,T -3dm 4qj,T -3d9 4qj,T -3cl 4ql,T -3bq 4r0,T -3c2 4r0,T -3ch 4qt,T -3d6 4qo,T -3bg 4ql,T -3bt 4qi,T -3ca 4qb,T -3cr 4qb,T -3dc 4q4,B -2p8 48v 2o,B -2ph 48h 2n,G -13f 3jm 58,G -10d 3k7 80,S -12u 3lk,S -138 3k9,G -44 3i0 86,S -4v 3ha,S -4e 3gm,S -5g 3gm,B 1l 1p 2,B -e k 5n
Forum » Test section » Test forum » Byronmcgrath made this you know this (sick bmx map dont have to click a thing)
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